Correct hydration

In the Transformation Programme, caring for proper hydration of the organism is as important as nutrition. Thanks to the proper hydration we cleanse our body of toxins and stimulate the metabolism. It is important not only what we drink, but when, how often and in what quantity. The soups – half-liquid dishes – also have a positive effect on our hydration.


During the Transformation Programme we drink:

  • In the morning: a glass of warm water with lemon.
  • In the first half of the day: coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea (black, red, green, or white). If you can not do without a sweet taste, you can sweeten the drink with xylitol (I recommend a maximum of 2 teaspoons per day). You can add cow’s milk (2% or 3.2%) or a vegetable drink to your coffee.
  • In the second half of the day: fruit teas, herbal infusions.
  • During the day: 1-1.5l of water (preferably mineral), you can aromatize it with a small amount of vegetables or fruit.
  • In the evening: a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey.

100% fruit juices (preferably freshly squeezed, unpasteurized) can be introduced in a limited amount from the 3rd stage (I recommend introducing them not at the very beginning but during the course of this stage). If you’d like to refresh your knowledge about the Transformation Programme stages, please take a look here.

without the yo-yo effect