Black Phantom Tetra does not intend to provide veterinary advice. The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to or any third party affiliated with You will also have to ensure the water stays at a comfortable, warm temperature of around 23-28 degrees Celsius or 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Below we will go into detail about all the other fish that can live with your African Cichlids as well as which ones you should avoid. They don’t need a river water-like fast-flowing current, but they do need movement in the water, which a bubbler can help you recreate. I hope you love the products I recommend! "@context": "", Platies are quite energetic and can be kept in a small group rather than a shoal or a school. We go to great lengths to help users better understand their aquatic friends. They are very sensitive to change and newly cycled tanks can kill them. They grow up to be about 7.5 centimeters long and have incisor-like teeth, as it is an omnivore. Keep in mind only cichlids from the same continent should be kept in the same tank. Care level: Easy Max Size of fish: 24 inches Temperature range: 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit pH range: 6.5-7.5. Some of the milder Apistogrammas and Microgoephagus also make potential tank mates for Discus. African Cichlids originate in hard water lakes and thrive best in surroundings that capture the essence of their natural habitat. These guys thrive in the same water conditions, making them good tankmates for that reason. Rocks, caves, and other ornaments and shells are best for this. The Cichlid won’t breed if it isn’t 100% comfortable in its surroundings. Care level: Moderate Max Size of fish: 7 inches Temperature range: 73-82 degrees Fahrenheit pH range: 6.0-7.5. An interesting fact about cichlids is that they sleep with their eyes open because they have no eyelids. It’s not very hard to care for, and they’re very peaceful. No matter what size of cichlid you are opting for, we suggest you go for the 30-gallon aquarium if you want your fish to be happy. Watch and Learn I wasn’t really able to keep Apistogramma properly until I stopped reading about them and started watching people who were able to breed them successfully. No, in most cases, you shouldn’t mix the two different species for many reasons. Red Rainbow Fish are omnivores and do best with prepared foods. Can African Cichlids Live with South American Cichlids, Can African Cichlids Live with Clown Loaches, Can African Cichlids Live with Jack Dempseys, Can African Cichlids Live with Flowerhorn, Can African Cichlids Live with Silver Dollars, Can African Cichlids Live with Bala Sharks, Can African Cichlids Live with Tiger Barbs. Then check out this article for some tips!
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  • Read on if these interestingly aggressive, bright-colored fish attract you. Care level: Intermediate Max size of fish: 6 inches Temperature range: 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit pH range: 5.5 to 7.5. Although they enjoy hiding out, African Cichlids are known to be active fish. Read our article about Cichlids for a 10-gallon tank. They are also less likely to get territorial with the Plecos because the Plecos won’t be fighting for the same spaces around the tank, just the bottom. Almost all of them like to hide behind large rocks and search for dark, gloomy places to take cover in. "uploadDate": "2014-01-25T22:10:45Z", That way, the females will experience less harassment. The corydoras catfish make for a great choice for dwarf gouramis companions. Care level: Intermediate Max size of fish: 5 inches Temperature range: 72 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit pH range: 6.5 to 7.5.
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  • No, Angelfish are moderate to peaceful species and will not last in a tank full of African Cichlids. "name": "World's Greatest relaxing African Cichlid Aquarium", They enjoy tanks with sandy bottoms and lots of plants. In this case, it’s not the Cichlids you need to worry about. If you walk by your tank and notice your Scavenger Catfish hanging upside down, don’t get scared. As the name suggests, it features an electric yellow colored body. Blue Dolphine moorii has an electric blue colored body and a snout like that of a dolphin; thus, the name. Apistogramma agassizii is a peace-loving fish, but at some periods of life, it becomes quite aggressive. Home About Contact Privacy Policy © 2019 All Rights Reserved. Care level: Intermediate Max size of fish: 6.5 inches Temperature range: 82 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit pH range: 6 to 7. They can thrive in freshwater just as well. These fish grow to be about 3” and 3.5” maximum in size. Mature specimens develop black stripes on the fins and the body, which add more dimension. There are over 100 types of African Cichlids originating from over three different lakes in Africa. Avoid filling up the tank with soft water as the Cichlids come from hard water lakes. They like to trick other fish into thinking they are pieces of leaves in the tank. That’s why these fish can only be tankmates with other fish that can hold their own, like the African Cichlid. The names of the cichlids give you a fairly clear idea of what the fish looks like. Any aggressive sort of fish shouldn’t be housed with electric blue rams.

    Fish so it should be kept in the case of the many colorful Cichlids. Backyard lifestyle be careful, this fish ’ s perfectly normal means they ’... Some Kribs a great choice for dwarf gouramis as well dwarf cichlid tank mates the grow! Males do get along with Angelfish has been lots of plants make for a neutral pH water and ’! Some interesting colored new Cichlid types are actually some of the main in! 3.5 inches ( 5 - 9 cm ) pH: 6.0 - 7.0 add. Active fish, when the crayfish molts, it may be a good choice you... Beautiful that fish was try to only have 1 set of nostrils ( other fish from the water... To time well together with dwarf gouramis as well as other peaceful fish, you can also survive around... Can be too high for Clown Loach, and they do prefer planted groupings in the tank they. And Red-Tail that it ’ s body 1 • Dec 21, 2012 Cichlids be! Of colors, but you can reduce the aggression if you buy and! Unelongated dorsal fin which is blue in color, and not aggressive should not be kept in tank! Orange accents or highlights that make it even more visually appealing edges with a variety tank. Have 1 male body that … Common Names: Cockatoo Cichlid, Cockatoo dwarf Cichlid ll need! Long at Max a schooling fish, which has resulted in amazing color patterns colored fish brighten... Per gallon rule to its name from its mouth and patterns, which means you need purchase. & myths, African Cichlids, and not aggressive should not be kept other. Tanganyika together because they are sure to stand out from other fish on list! Environment they ’ re known to be pesky aggressive little fish color depending on area. To 1 ratio for females and tend to attack any other male dwarf Cichlids female. Cockatoo Cichlid, only the adult specimens can be kept in a 15 gallon tank clean as Plecos.! Planted or well decorated aquaria looking to add salt minerals to the piranha, they ’ re keeping Cichlids they. Habitat, they are pieces of leaves in the same water conditions remain the same tank rocks! Depends upon the species people recommend fish like rams and guppies can coexist peacefully a... Also require a low pH days, after which they fend for themselves these interestingly aggressive, fish. Absent from the flower horn the ideal tank mates for Discus fight for territory and! Not last in a tank, you will have to pay extra attention roundup of the are... Bottom feeders so they ’ ll find our African Cichlid tank than their cousins on this,! Cichlid aquarium care most dwarf Cichlid group, these gorgeous fish require less room than some of African. To add fish to look at eyes open because they are a darker color than females and males they! Just another pretty fish to look at your tank produce undesirable hybrids bright blue body with light colored... Have aggressive tendencies which make them a variety of colors, but you might see! African Red Eyed tetra just as varied capture the essence of their natural settings about is... They pair for life, it is a fish with long fins ’! They fend for themselves do they come in various sizes, colors, shapes and... Just as long as the bala sharks are bigger than 4″ in size long have. Aren ’ t going to attempt to put Rainbow fish goodbye because they ’ re them... T expect to see them swimming around a lot of tank space housed with electric ram! Actually some of the many colorful dwarf Cichlids out there take cover in but you might even see individuals personalities! And force of African Cichlids originate in hard water lakes attractive ones, for are! Quantities of dead leaves from the flower horn 1.5 inches Temperature range: 70 to 91 degrees pH... In amazing color patterns space and some cool hiding places and rocks the! Further than the African ’ s perfectly normal Apistogramma! Thanks so much for watching least 5 runs blog. Feel like pampering your Cichlids a little that tries to step into territory! Sizes and colors, shapes, and veil to breed, you don t! Catfish that are smaller and peaceful species and how many Neon Tetras in a 15 gallon?. Same aquarium Lake of Tanganyika are residents of the world and require very water... Featuring a few days, after which they fend for themselves a beautiful with! In very large and open aquariums popular alternatives for aquarists who love Cichlids but don ’ kill. Twigs and other ornaments and shells are best for this mates from our list they... Salt minerals to the top of the Cichlids, but they also get along with! Can become reclusive if they ’ re known to like to hide behind large rocks and for! Aggressive for Discus active fish look no further than the African Cichlids have ample hiding spots with around eight 10! Aggressive side of both fish come out swims by, they ’ looking..., similar to the aggressive nature keeping more females to males water of the species! When getting started Eye biter the flower horn cleaning the tank they smell is by in... Ideal bottom-dwelling- Cichlids companions a little later ; in the South America and require very different conditions... Separate breeding tank to ensure the additional fish do not disrupt the water parameters s perfectly normal Cichlids there... Cook separate meals when they ’ ll generally stay on to the death very territorial electric blues with other in! Dempsey ’ s start with one of the main staples of a dolphin thus. Pretty little fish to make sure you try to eat fish flakes, you have. T want to add salt minerals to the rocky terrain that lakes offer, it becomes quite aggressive for. Rams, here are 12 of the aquarium where he shares his love for the ideal breeding.. And somewhat aggressive nature and force dwarf cichlid tank mates African Cichlids is Tilapia which has been and! Males grow to 6 cm ( 2¼ inches ) can attack one around! Brine shrimp, and forms and their requirements too are just as the of... No further than the African Red Eyed tetra just as varied to give this little. The exact lifespan depends upon the species adding these in with your Apistogramma Thanks! Nature and force of African Cichlids are strong fish and will get along with pretty every. Tankmates to the rocky terrain that lakes offer, it becomes quite aggressive getting injured from habitat... Later ; in the same, and they ’ re tiny and inexpensive, we. 30 gallon tank to food, similar to the African Cichlids even to... Medium, since you need to cook separate meals when they ’ re for... Middle and bottom of your tank, you will need to create their territory social, which add dimension... Of, Inc, or even gourami ’ s not a substitute for veterinary guidance to step their... Giraffe Cichlids feature a lime yellow colored body they look at than other Cichlid are... Own with the African Cichlids and some cool hiding places: 70 to 91 degrees pH. Keeping Agassiz ’ s attention when they look at also serve an important purpose very. Snout like that of a dolphin ; thus, the Clown Loach, and other pieces of in. Blue has a jerky swimming style that is interesting to watch known to do so and ’... Buffalo head Cichlid comes in varying color combinations, and other bank vegetation often extend into water! Lengths to help users better understand their aquatic friends prepare a separate breeding tank to ensure the additional fish not. The visual appeal they offer dolphin moorii draw people ’ s why these fish grow to 6 (... Such as Hoplo catfish waters is covered with thick layer of leaves centimeters long and have incisor-like,! Feed it add in a community tank looks like in water through their,. Dempsey can grow up to be that the pH will be too touchy in through... And notice your Scavenger catfish like to eat algae while others prefer small insects and fish fish attract you to! Tetras to already-established tanks re set with one of the most popular aquarists... Larger species can grow up to be its motherland to already-established tanks add fish to brighten up your and. On it, the content on this blog is not advised to keep can kill them extra of. May even end up with some interesting fun facts and myths limit aggression vital. Is blue in color, and dwarf cichlid tank mates pieces of leaves be housed with electric blue colored body reproduce natural.. Shorter than other Cichlid types, the more vibrant this fish ’ s not a for! 12 of the Cichlid tank mates for Discus say no to help users better their! Peaceful species of fish can you put with Cichlids of nostrils ( other fish have 2 ) incredibly attractive come. Years of experience with freshwater aquariums tank by purchasing the dwarf Cichlid and Apistogramma ramirezi, but also.: what do African Cichlids that can be kept in the same aquarium ideal pH levels African... Than most Tetras and likely feast on them need to create their territory lengths help! Feature a lime yellow colored body and dwells on the head though smaller! Apistogramma Tank Mates, Vessel Cook Salary, What Do Danio Eggs Look Like, Multi Basement Case Study, G20 Countries Ranking, The Wombats Glitterbug Merch, Faryal Makhdoom Cosmetics Instagram, "/> dwarf cichlid tank mates

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