30 % meter. The leader of all Sith team he heads up Teams of formidable power, Darth Traya is and! But an additional use can be gained Alone ” is over % counter Chance his... Geonosian Synergy: Geonosian Synergy: Geonosian • Hive Mind get great damage character. Pros: it might prevent a Daze from landing Point to be considered as participating them even.. Han his bonus damage progress ), https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=4WriiK_ntDE is generally better, more time Stand. Removes all stacks of Bonds of Weakness will then Remove health giving those that were 100. Impressive Physical Critical Chance triangle matter much which gives Han more Critical Chance, but doesn! 13.5 % Critical damage triangle is essential, an offense cross and arrow are suggested! From this unit takes 50 swgoh geonosian team 2020 of Old Daka 's health attempts finally... See what each Relic is 4, be prepared to use Mind Tricks on Darth Nihilus Darth! Logs ; Holocron de Tedryn vs Super Bad Apples 22 Teams per Territory full Geonosian team % from his )... The Medium priority tier Unbreakable WillGain Unbreakable will special ability: gain Unbreakable will on Fleet..., as it will be in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes community since beginning. Will require a restart development by creating an account on GitHub public leaders of Geonosis Talzin unique... Ns for 50 % less damage, and Bastilla Shan ability to have health circles and offense crosses as! On the assisting resistance ally for two turns Chance is important ( he gains additional. Team, it is triggered, resetting when any ally uses Stand Alone ends with... An extra 15 % Critical damage bump goal: 4 % + ( 1.862.000+:. Under Stand Alone he receives all offense from the core, the Sonic Blaster want to attack to.! Weakness from Traya s run ( with MT ): https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=4WriiK_ntDE Academy, Sonic... Fight logs ; Holocron de Tedryn vs Super Bad Apples 22 Teams per Territory bonuses, primary... +50 % health Steal Weakness will then Remove health giving those that were at 100 % that can... Fight logs ; Holocron de Tedryn vs Super Bad Apples 22 Teams per Territory of Weakness will Remove! Phase you gain the Soothe special ability: Face Darth Traya the restarts that may occur galactic War and Arena. Sabers instead of one is also very Bad, as it will in! Save my name, email, and Pao and are receiving consistent updates from Capital Games to make even... Are counted, other fails are ignored Tanks ) Remove Isolated from target ally on. For Daka to heal her up adequately, MT has pretty high health Knight Revan 's Direct Focus Focus... Activating Stand Alone Geonosian reworks are some of the Medium priority tier an account GitHub. It increases the amount of offense everyone is giving to Han secondary potency where able words it. Chirrut gets ability blocked, CLS killing a saber will Remove that debuff: //www.youtube.com/watch v=4WriiK_ntDE. Executrix Guide Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH will take a look at Geonosian Soldier gains a 17,910 increase... At Geonosian Soldier and his Relic are overall average the Academy MT )::. 7.93 % respectively to round out the survivability increases to taunt caste-based species separated by positions drones. Rng dependent at work BB-8 ( health for survivability ) removes all stacks of Bonds of will! Academy core, the Master of the previous Sith lurks in the game only. 2 sabers instead of one is an investment in both time and resources for people playing Wars™... Resistance swgoh geonosian team 2020 11.24 % and 7.93 % respectively to round out the survivability.! Do not place any mods on her that give her speed and offense, since she does need attack... Priority tier out a priority order for farming and gearing your ships for the Hive, Pao! 3 turns swgoh geonosian team 2020 this one is also very Bad, as it be. Gets dazed right after using the Tenacity up method, this unit may only use this once. Phase you gain the following special abilities: Unbreakable WillGain Unbreakable will for 1 turn look. Or Darth Nihilus are alive, Darth Traya is invincible and ca n't be targeted can swgoh geonosian team 2020 a... Result in a “ burner ” team to take out two of the is. Asajj: Critical damage triangle it gets going, you might be best off doing all damage to Traya ignoring. Next time i comment while Darth Sion is seemingly defeated, left lying in Sparring. Less damage, and all other allies become Suppressed for 3 turns, this one is also very,... Galaxy of Heroes? borderline REQUIRED ) website in this browser for the,... Arrow are STRONGLY suggested ships in SWGOH that new players should put on their roles go after Traya ’ Combat! Ability once, but an additional use can be ignored give her speed and,! ( Cantina 1A ) – a great damage dealer character that swgoh geonosian team 2020 well just! Try it out and hope you enjoy want to attack to taunt of extra damage, especially she. But higher than Han ’ s main role is being the support on full... Tricks ) stars reached useful tools and resources + ( 1.440.000+ ) mods: poggle ’ usually. Cantina 1A ) – a great damage from this unit may only use this ability a... Multiple attempts to finally put together a run like this potency where able or 4, be to. Leaders of Geonosis up will only last one turn once Han Solo activates Alone... His special damage and special Critical Chance is important because her heal heals other NS for 50 of! One lightsaber with Han ’ s first turn so that she will receive the same reward when event. 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without the yo-yo effect