1. What is the Transformation Programme and what does it consist of?

To find an answer to this question please follow the link: Transformation Programme

2. What are the principles of the Transformation Programme?

The main objective of the Transformation Programme is: cleansing the body, in order to speed up the metabolism, and thus, for example: leveling the acid-base levels and equalising water and mineral management in the organism. Weight loss comes as a nice side effect of these actions.

3. I have just joined the Transformation Programme. What now?

First of all welcome to our Family 🙂 You being here, means that you want to change your life. To learn how exactly the Transformation Programme works, you can:

  • read all the information on this website; read posts and tips on Facebook: Fanpage: Monika Honory – Program Przemian and on the group: Zupomania®; as well as on Instagram: @niezla-zupa
  • consult books by Monika Honory, where you will find many tips and soup recipes. You can also order a telephone or a personal consultation, during which the Transformation Programme will be adapted to your bespoke needs, abilities, tastes and preferences.

Also be sure to check if there will be any Transformation Programme workshops in your area in the near future. Workshops – meeting places.

4. Is the Transformation Programme for everyone?

The Transformation Program is suitable for anyone who wants to change their lives in psychological and physical aspects. There are no age restrictions, however, it is always recommended to consult your doctor. People with diabetes, hypothyroidism, food intolerance, insulin resistance, abnormal cholesterol levels, hypertension, etc. are participating in the Programme and loosing weight with us. Many people have noticed an improvement in well-being and in the test results even after just several days of changing their eating habits and following Programme’s guidelines.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with LIVE on this subject: “Is the Transformation Program for everyone?”

It is also worth reading the interview with doctor Katarzyna Jańska, who is the medical supervisor of the Transformation Programme.

Interview with Dr. Katarzyna Jańska.

5. Is there set minimum number of meals and a time to eat them?

What distinguishes Tranformations by Monika Honory® from other diets, is the fact that you can eat whenever you feel hungry. However, there are general recommendations as to the number and types of soups and the time when they should be consumed.

6. Does it matter when I eat a specific soup?

At some point in the Transformation Programme it is important. The recipe books are divided into breakfast and lunch soups as well as soups recommended for dinners and suppers.

7. With which book should I start my journey?

Here is a hint from other Soupomaniacs, and an order in which they usually recommend reading the different positions of the Transformation Programme.

You must know that the Transformation Programme means focusing on the psyche and the body. Without slimming the psyche, we will not slim down the body and without slimming the body, we will not slim down the psyche. Please believe me – that’s the way it is. Therefore, for the beginning, we recommend the following set:

Other useful books:

Positions: ”Soups filling, but not fattening”, “Soupomania®” and “Successful slimming with soups” are recipe books. Each of them contains 45 different recipes for tasty soups, cooked according to the principles of the Transformation Programme.

„The Transformation Diary„ is a book and a notebook in one. It is a source of information about the body, health and psyche of obese people. It has a list of motivations, and a handful of tips, eg about spices and drinks. You’ll find in it three chapters: body, health, and psyche; in each of them 10 articles on a given subject. In addition, in the book you will find a special place for making notes from, for example: a consultation, setting your bespoke menu, listing your motivations, golden thoughts, or a few of your own soup recipes. There is also a schedule – a calendar without dates (you specify when you want to start your Transformation and enter dates yourself).

“Preparing to lose weight” is my first motivational, reflective book, based on my own experience, having been once obese. On its basis, the book „The importance of the psyche in slimming” was created.


Books are available here

(Book reviews – at the bottom of the page)


8. Can I modify soup recipes created by Monika Honory?

If in the soup there is an ingredient which you do not like, for example a specific vegetable, and you want to replace it with another vegetable, then yes. However, remember that the recipes have been created in the form that is best for your intestines.

9. How long does the Transformation Programme take? When will my “Transformation” end?

The end date of the Transformation is an individual matter. Your Transformation will end when the highest risk of yo-yo effect, after reaching your target weight, is over.

10. How often should you consult Monika?

The Transformation Programme = weight reduction programme one can do alone, simply referring to Monika’s books. However, there is no exactly described general programme in any of the books, because it is usually adapted to individual needs of each person. I recommend that you use the introductory consultations before the start of every next stage. For those of you, who would feel safer, being under care during the beginning of the Transformation Programme, I recommend the project: “Support at the start – first 14 days together”.

11. Is there medical care over the Transformation Programme?

Yes, there is. The entire Transformation Programme is under the medical care of doctor Katarzyna Jańska.

12. How many people have already participated in the Programme?

Since the introduction of the Transformation Programme (November 2015), around 50,000 people have lost weight with Monica and thousands more are in the process of weight reduction.


I am delighted with the book “Effective slimming with soups by Monika Honory”. Despite having all of Monika’s books, the latter is especially important to me, because it gave me a lot of joy and allowed me to understand the phenomenon of „Soupomania”. It came to me at the best possible time and convinced me to the fact that „when there’s a will there is a way„. It is very pleasant to read and most importantly, it inspires to reflection on the Transformation, the process I am currently at. Great recipes, beautiful graphic design and photos, make this position my personal number one.

Violetta Anita


Another one of your books that has made me so happy. It contains many valuable tips and surprising flavours. It teaches and motivates. It is written in clear language and it reads with great pleasure. This is not a cookbook, it is a book about a story of a woman who has fulfilled her dream; about a strong, wise and beautiful girl who loves life and shares her happiness with us. Monika, our ray of sunshine, you brightly shine upon us and make many people very happy …. It was supposed to be about the book … well, it’s fantastic. I recommend it! I’m never giving my back! Thank you Monika!

Anna Węgrzyn


The book “Effective slimming with soups by Monika Honory” is a book that impresses with its directness. It is written from the bottom of the heart and reaches out straight to our needs. Each sentence targets the core of our excessive weight problems, helps to sort out and re-evaluate everything in our heads. Beautiful photos of soups are laid out in a stunning graphic design. And pics of happy, smiling Monika, infect us to take care of ourselves. Thank you Monika for all your books! I’m waiting for MORE.

Stanisława Podolak


Do you want to change something in your life, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to lose weight, but do not want to go hungry? You want to get rid of the feeling of heaviness, but don’t know how to do it? If so, then this book is just for you. “Effective slimming with soups by Monika Honory” is a publication introducing us to a healthy lifestyle, teaching us how to make wise choices while shopping and what to cook to best serve us with its goodness. In her book, the author shares her thoughts and describes how she battled with various diets. Diets which unfortunately ended with, what each of us is so afraid of – the boomerang yo-yo effect. She relates the journey, which had brought her to the beginning of the adventure with soups.
It is worth mentioning that what Monika puts forth is not a diet and should not be treated as such. It is a transformation that takes place in our psyche – a starting point for everything. When we change our attitude and listen to our body while following the rules that apply during the implementation of individual stages, we will achieve our goal of losing kilograms. The information contained in the book as well as the recipes which can be an inspiration to create new delicious soups, are there to help us. The book lists recipes for delicious soups, in accordance with the Transformation Programme, to give us inspiration for creating new flavours. The only limit in our soup making is our imagination. So let’s experiment by following the simple rules and we will not feel monotony. We will soon be able to achieve what we are fighting for – health and beautiful figure. Great additions to the entire publication is a thriving Facebook page ZUPOMANIA® – Monika Honory odchudza, website www.monikahonory.pl and live run by the author. The book is a compendium of knowledge on how to lose weight in a healthy way, but you have to remember that to achieve your goal, you must be honest with yourself.



Monika, your last book teases every sense. I devoured it at one sitting. In it, you address my hidden cravings and laziness. The vast number of recipes listed and sorted for each stage of the transformation is just what I needed … The cards – a practical idea and beautiful execution (I take them with me, every time I go for a trip away from home). In the shops, they glance at me with curiosity, as I enter with the cards in one hand and a green bag – a part of the set – in the other.
The fridge magnet and a photo are already engraved in my mind… I see them even when opening somebody else’s fridge. I’m not spilling out the beans as to the contents – you have to dose it yourself – thank you! Applause for all the recipe authors.

Marta Denkiewicz


… I can say with a clear conscience, that I use the recipe books every day. First, I had “Soups filling, but not fattening” … I thought that there were cool recipes, but at first glance some of them seemed a bit ordinary. Next I bought „Soupomania” and found it to be a hit. I wanted to cook each and every soup from it! As of today, I cook alternately from both books. The soups that seemed “ordinary” surprise with the richness of flavours. I am very satisfied and in constant motion. My younger daughter loves looking at the soup photographs and eagerly asks „what we are cooking today?”



When I received “Soups filling but not fattening” I felt like on a first date. Fear and excitement mingled with each other. Like a little girl who opens her birthday presents, I ripped through the envelope. I felt butterflies in my stomach. It was like finding a light in the tunnel, on a difficult, hopeless journey through a dark labyrinth. It was like a breath of fresh air. There it was, there it was! I felt breathless. It’s a shame to admit, but nothing until that day – except for my wedding and birth of my children – has given me so much hope for a „better tomorrow” than this publication. It would seem that it is only paper, a few colorful pages, photos, recipes. (…) A diary of a person who managed to understand how to, in a gentle and healthy way, reconcile slimming down with a pleasure of eating. Perhaps soups are not the discovery of the year, but being so beautifully composed, they take you to paradise with every spoonful. The taste is chased by a delightful scent, and the smell chases appetising looks. In addition to all this, they help you lose excessive kilos in an effective way. This is not yet another diet on the market already oversaturated with those. This is a transformation hidden in carrots, parsley, groats, etc. It comes straight from the heart. And what arises from the depths, has the greatest value for those who feel bad in their skin, and carry a baggage of sad emotions and unsuccessful attempts. I recommend this position with all my heart.

Małgorzata Sikora


The most important book for me is “Preparing to lose weight” (it is worth mentioning that I have all books by Monika). The book is filled with information about obese people, and with our „obese” way of thinking. The most striking and shocking for me was discovering how obese people are perceived. I always thought that those were the traits of my character, but it turns out that it is something that all obese people have in common. You definitely need some ‚alone time’ with this book. It invites you to reflection on errors in previous diets, to setting out your goals, to planning what you’d like to achieve and how to improve your mood. It is very helpful indeed. I am delighted with this book and I immediately bought one for my daughter. The book “Preparing to lose weight” motivates you to start your Transformation process. Whenever I feel like snacking, I go back to the page with a list of my reasons for loosing weight – a list which I wrote in my copy of the book.

Ania Wytrow


I have „Soupomania” and “Soups filling but not fattening”. As I love cooking, I ordered the recipe books first. However I also intend to order „The Transformation Diary” even though I already keep a journal, in which I write down my observations, what I eat and how much I exercise during the day. I find the books to be very useful, in fact I use them everyday! Every recipe is perfectly composed and the soups are really very tasty. I also like the fact that they are published in the form of a notebook, I mean that they are spring bound – a very handy solution as other cookbooks get either easily destroyed or they close during cooking! I am sure that there are enough recipes for the monotony to never enter my menu. When I cook for my family or friends, everyone is surprised with the richness of flavours. On the one hand, they are suppose to be diet soups, on the other hand, when I serve rye or sauerkraut soup, my guests are met with a pleasant surprise that you can marry diet and tasty.  Monika, the only thing I would ask for is more recipe books!

Anna Kowalska


So far, I’ve bought two books „Soupomania” and “Soups filling but not fattening”. I am very happy with both of them, because both are full of great recipes which I use non-stop. I like the way the soups are sorted into three groups: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It makes it a lot easier for me, because I do not have to rack my brains over what to eat and when. The recipes are simple, tasty and, above all, include products easily available in shops. The taste values ​​of soups that Monika Honory gave us are just heavenly. I often cooked soups, but Monika’s selection and composition of spices in her recipes just adds to the depth of flavour of every soup. My favourite soup so far is the „Cabbage rolls in broth” which will forever stay in my menu. I am glad that I came across such a fantastic group, thanks to which I discovered books that became my constant inspiration for delicious soups … 😉 If there is anyone out there who likes soups but still haven’t got any recipe books, I would strongly recommend the above. They are definitely worth the money…

Wioletta Trocewicz


I have two of your books “”Preparing to lose weight” and “Soups filling but not fattening”. They are my treasure. They are mines of knowledge and motivational advice. On top of that beautiful illustrations and stunning graphic design, leave nothing more to wish for. I recommend them to everyone.

Marta Wawoczyn


“Soups filling but not fattening” – a mine of knowledge, especially when it comes to spices. Every recommended spice, i.e. Himalayan salt and birch sugar are described in detail, all captured on beautiful photos. I admit that I’ve been cooking for about 25 years, but only now the dishes smell “unearthly” – this is my husband’s opinion!

Ewa Run