Soup is a dish which we all know well, which we like and which is deeply rooted in our tradition. It is associated with a family dinner – the everyday and the solemn, the warmth, the caring and sharing of the best. In the Transformation Programme, we use tradition in a modern way: soups are our ally in slimming.

Properly prepared soup, thanks to the selection of the right ingredients, is a wholesome dish, providing the body with all the necessary nutrients. They are easier to digest and assimilate. It is a semi-liquid dish, it not only nourishes, but also hydrates the body, which is important for health and for proper metabolism.

By replacing solid meals with appropriate soups, we accelerate the metabolism, thanks to which we lose weight and prepare the body for re-introduction of solid meals. Find out more: click Steps.

Thanks to soups, eating in the Transformation Programme is:


Cooking is the healthiest form of heat treatment. We cook soups from natural products, maintaining the right proportions, and adjusting the type of soup to the circadian body rhythm. This way we provide our organism with the necessary ingredients and we maximize metabolism.


You eat soups which you like. You can compose them from a wide range of products, including those more calorific. You do not have to give up pasta, rice, cream, bacon or ribs, it’s important that you use them in a moderate way.


A soup is a dish that never gets boring – it has many variants and possibilities of modification. Spoil yourself with your favorite flavours and bravely learn new ones!

No feeling of hunger

We do not go hungry in the Transformation Programme! Hunger is the biggest enemy of weight loss: it is a signal for the body to accumulate supplies in the form of fat tissue. To lose weight … you have to eat (preferably soup :)).


The Transformation Programme does not impose ready-made, all-day menus, but it gives tips on which soup is best to eat at a given time of the day and how often.


The soup is an easy dish to prepare, to store and to take away. You can easily reach for it whenever you feel hungry.

For the entire family

You do not have to cook for yourself separately. You can share delicious soups that you cook with your family and friends. Of course there are pros and cons of this situation 😉

For every budget

You can cook a great soup from simple, easily available and cheap ingredients. You decide if and when you want to splurge on new or more expensive products.

Are you looking for soup recipes?

                        You can find them in my books …