Opinion of a holistic weight loss expert and the author of the Transformation Programme; programme thanks to which she lost 40 kg and maintaines her weight for several years – Monika Honory

What does the term “holistic weight loss” mean?

M.H.: Let me first explain the meaning of the word “holistic” – it will make it easier for you to grasp the basic idea behind my method and understand how it all works.

The word “holistic” means that something is integrated and consistent. Composed of inseparably related components that can only be understood in the context of the whole. Such is my approach to man and to weight reduction.

In the Transformation Programme the focus is on an individual – their well-being, their happiness and health, and not just the mass of their body. How much we weigh is the sum total of various factors – our genes, psychological structure, upbringing, choices made and their consequences. To make a lasting, positive change in our life we have to work in many seemingly unrelated areas. The Transformation Programme shows us how to do it.

The method itself is also characterized by its cohesion: it consists of four stages and a few simple rules. There is synergy between them all – one action results from the other, and all support each other. Thanks to this, the Transformation Programme works so effectively and gives lasting results – in terms of weight reduction and more.

Where did the name „Transformation Programme” come from?

M.H.: Thanks to the weight loss method I developed, I lost 40 kg in 10 months and I have maintained my weight over the last years. It was only possible because I introduced a change in my thinking, and with it, series of small, positive changes in various areas of my life. I implemented and used them every day and I still do. This way, I introduced changes not only in terms of my weight, but in a much broader context.

What my method of weight loss really is, is just a way of finding, implementing and pursuing a new lifestyle. It is based on a new way of thinking – thinking about yourself and not just about your weight. Weight reduction is important, but not the most important. It happens „by the way” as a result of a series of small changes in various areas of life.

I called my method the Transformation Programme. Each part of this name has its own meaning:

  • Program – Transformation – because undergoing it you can not only lose weight, but most importantly transform yourself: re-discover yourself, start living in peace with yourself, pursue your dreams with courage.
  • Przemian – Programme – because the method has a clear, ordered structure, which leads you step by step.

What is the difference between the Transformation Programme and a diet?

M.H.: I am tempted to say… everything.

The goal of a slimming diet is to reduce weight – preferably as much as possible in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, you ought to follow strict recommendations that vary depending on the type of diet. This means rigid menus, counting calories, avoiding certain products or concentrating on only one type of product. If you can afford it, you can also use ready-meals delivered to your door in boxes. By using these methods you can lose weight, but what next?

The results of a slimming diet usually last only as long as the diet itself. After its completion, kilograms often return with a surplus in the form of a yo-yo effect. This happens because we treat the diet as a temporary renunciation. Only a momentary effort and dedication, which we decide to put in, in order to lose weight. Once we succeed – we reward ourselves – throw ourselves at what we had to give up. We go back to old habits because we did not learn anything during the diet. It gave us ready solutions and often even an excuse to stop thinking.

The Transformation Programme is a method in which you learn to take care of yourself – consciously and in harmony with yourself. Nutritional recommendations are formulated so that they are uncomplicated, healthy and give a lot of flexibility under certain, simple rules.

You adjust the programme to yourself and not yourself to it. Your pace of introducing changes, type of physical activity and what you eat depend on your health, predispositions, history of weight loss, expectations and your needs.

The soups play an important role in the Transformation Programme, however the Transformation Programme is not a soup diet. Thanks to soups, we cleanse the body, stimulate metabolism, and reduce weight, Then we maintain the new weight, also when re-introducing solid meals – in a light and healthy version.

Who is the Transformation Programme addressed to?

M.H.: The Transformation Programme is for people who are overweight or obese, and especially for those who have previously unsuccessfully attempted to lose weight. It gives hope as well as it is an effective solution, thanks to which you can lose weight safely, permanently and with respect for yourself. It is a tool for healthy weight loss, which you can conduct on your own terms: without the feeling of hunger, counting calories, boredom, without giving up all your favorite ingredients, and back-breaking exercises.

It is also a good solution for people who do not want to be alone in their weight loss process. Psychological support, which I and a many Soupomaniacs give, is an important element of the Transformation Programme. You can find about our support here.

Why is the Transformation Programme divided into Stages?

M.H.: The Transformation Programme is not meant to be a revolution in your life. It is an evolution which you will undergo at your own pace. It is divided into 4 stages. Each of them is important and can not be ignored or omitted as the desired results and their durability depend on completing all of the stages.

Stage 1 – Preparation: this is the time when you organize the past, arrange the present and define your values ​​and goals. It is when you create psychological and logistical basis for your transformation. The stability and durability of your Transformation will depend on the quality of this construction. This is the time when you realise your potential and expand it. You learn the principles of the Transformation Programme and start implementing them at your own pace.

Stage 2 – Active weight reduction: during this stage you replace solid meals with soups that comply with the rules of the Transformation Programme. Thanks to this you cleanse your body, stimulate metabolism and lose kilograms. At the same time, you reinforce positive habits related to physical activity and caring for yourself in many different dimensions.

Stage 3 – Stabilisation: at this stage the metabolism is stimulated so that the body is ready to take in meals that are more caloric and harder to digest than the soup. You re-introduce solid meals, but this does not mean a return to old eating habits – you consistently follow the new, healthy nutrition culture. At this point, if you organize this stage correctly, you can still reduce your weight, (if this is your goal).

Stage 4 – Weight maintenance: this is the stage in which you learn to live in a new, lighter body, using the acquired knowledge, skills and new habits in practice. You are able to observe your body, read signals sent by it, and react to them accordingly. You enjoy your Transformation, you use it and remember about it every day.

You can learn more about the Transformation stages here.

Why is there no universal action plan for the stages 3 and 4?

M.H.: There is no single recipe for the Transformation Programme, because each of us is different. Everyone has a different story, different problems, varying predispositions, possibilities and limitations, as well as expectations.

Stages 1 and 2 consist of quite strict recommendations. Whereas stages 3 and 4 require your own mindfulness, knowledge and skills.

At stage 3 – Weight Stabilisation, we re-introduce solid meals. How many, what meals, and their frequency will depend on the history of your obesity, your health condition, the course of 2nd stage and your expectations: whether you still want to reduce your weight during the 3rd stage or stabilise it?

Stage 4 – Weight maintenance is the time when you put new habits, knowledge and skills into practice. You use them in various situations that can not be predicted. You are ready for them to take place and ready to embrace them. It gives you the feeling of peace and strength.

What are the biggest challenges, difficulties at each stage? What should I pay special attention to?

M.H.: From my observations and conversations with people using the Transformation Programme, I know that often the biggest challenge is … success.

What can happen, is that the first noticeable change in our appearance, the first compliments, make us feel as if we have already achieved our goal.

Success, even the seeming or partial, can deceit and lull us, making us rest on our laurels. We enjoy it, forgetting that it is not given to us forever. It is the result of our hard work which we must continue every day.

What are the costs of the Transformation Programme?

M.H.: The Transformation Programme is for every budget. When implementing it, you decide for yourself how much free or paid for materials and tools developed by me you use.

Soups in my recipes can be cooked with simple, easily available ingredients that you are can buy at the nearest market, in the store or in the supermarket.Among my recipes you will find both classic flavours that will surprise you with the richness of spices and interesting notes, as well as more exotic or exquisite suggestions, with interesting ingredients. You can choose soups freely depending on your fancy, occasion and your wallet.

Is the Transformation Programme only for people who want to lose weight?

M.H.: You do not have to cook for yourself separately and stand in the kitchen every day, dedicating your time to cooking. Thanks to my soup recipes you can eat healthy, tasty and diverse food. It will appeal to the other members of your family, including children, which of course has its pluses and minuses. The upside is that you take care of healthy nutrition of your whole family, teach them and provide them with good choices, the downside is that your soups will disappear in an instant! 😉

I share not only recipes, but also tips and kitchen tricks that facilitate kitchen logistics. You do not have to stand in the kitchen every day – you can prepare a variety of soups in a larger quantity, easily store them and eat them when you feel like it.

What are the health benefits, apart from the weight loss observed by people implementing the Transformation Programme?

M.H.: Weight reduction is the most visible effect of the Transformation Programme, but it is not the only positive result! People using my method have noticed a number of positive changes in their lives, including:

  • improvement of health confirmed by medical examinations,
  • better physical condition,
  • higher self-esteem and self-confidence,
  • mprovement of the feeling of well-being and even getting out of depression,
  • eeling more energetic,
  • optimism, positive attitude to life,
  • improvement in relations with loved ones,
  • professional and personal development.

What is the best time to start your Transformation?

M.H.: Start your Transformation in your mind by making a conscious decision. Next take steps leading to the discovery of the Transformation Programme knowledge and implement it. The best moment to introduce changes in your life is here and now. There will never be a perfect moment, there will always be an excuse to postpone the changes. Give yourself a chance for a better life and start working today. Not spontaneously, chaotically and by taking short-cuts. But rather, do it slowly, at your own pace, in a conscious and thoughtful way. Where to start? I suggest you start with this article.

Take care of yourself with the Transformation Programme.