My name is Monika Honory. I am an expert in holistic weight loss.

Holistic weight loss is based on a belief that body weight is the result of many related factors. To change it, one has to pay attention to all of them. My priority is an individual and their healthy, satisfying life. Life in which correct body weight is an important element but isn’t the main point.

I am an author of the Transformation Programme, which core is grounded in the idea of SELF CARE in the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions. The Transformation Programme consists of introducing small and gradual but extremely important changes in various aspects of life. These changes will lead to strengthening of self-acceptance, self-respect and introduction of healthy habits, including a new nutritional culture. The ‚side effect’ of this practice is the loss of kilograms, which, although is the starting point, is not the only goal.

I am a woman with obese background. I created the Transformation Programme on the basis of my own experiences. For many years I fought an unsuccessful battle with excess kilogrammes. At some point, this ’excess’ was 40kg. In order to lose weight I was ready for many sacrifices and renunciations.

I tried various diets, fasts, intensive training programmes as well as variety of supplements. The weight obsession made me overlook the negative effects it all had on my body. I’d lose weight but every time there was the yo-yo effect. I was devastated. I decided to act – however this time in a completely different way – on my own terms. I made a decision that my weight loss would be:

  • healthy
  • tasty
  • simple
  • effective
  • without feeling hungry
  • without counting calories
  • without backbreaking exercises
  • with no yo-yo effect

That is how the Transformation Programme was created – my own weight reduction programme. Find out more.

I am a fan of soups and it is the soup that has become my ally in slimming.

My choice was not accidental. Find out more (Why soups?). I have modified the traditional and developed my own recipes. I defined which soups would be suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner but also which soups I could eat everyday and which ones only from time to time. Instead of giving up my favorite products such as pasta, rice, butter, cream, ribs or bacon, I ate them sensibly. The new nutrition culture, largely based on soups, combined with positive habits, made me lose weight. It also allowed me to keep my weight off, despite the fact that in my menu next to the soups there are also solid meals. Find out more (Stages).

I am a promoter of a healthy lifestyle. Theoretical knowledge gained during courses, medical consultations and also taken out from volumes of books, is a strong foundation of the Programme. However, its undeniable and greatest value is my own experience, on which it is based. I created the Transformation Programme for myself, but I decided to share it with others.

My mission is to inspire, motivate and support the overweight and obese; to introduce positive changes into their lives, to influence them to taking care of themselves in many different dimensions, to cherish self love and respect.

  • I am an author of publications. Find out more.
  • I run stationary workshops. Find out more.
  • I provide over the phone and face to face consultations.
  • I run webinars. Find out more.
  • I share my knowledge on Facebook (Fanpage: Monika Honory -Transformation Programme). Find out more
  • I inspire and motivate closed group on Facebook: Zupomania® – Monika Honory slimming. Find out more
  • I cooperate with media.

I am happy – I took matters in my own hands and I consciously manage my life. It is not the weight that defines me, I define it. I rejoice in my health and fulfill myself in various areas of my life. You are capable of it too.

Take care of yourself.