The Transformation Program is a holistic program addressed to people who are overweight and obese, and who want to take care of themselves: their health, appearance and well-being in order to lead a satisfying life.

During the Transformation Programme you lose weight:

in a healthy and safe way, eating tasty and diverse soups, not having to give up all your favorite products but instead – eating them sensibly, The Transformation Programme excludes counting calories, hunger, backbreaking exercises and yo-yo effect.

How is it possible?

The Transformation Programme is not a diet, it is a lifestyle with a „side effect’ – weight loss.

It consists of introducing small but well thought-out positive changes that become habits. The changes concern all aspects of human life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Thanks to that…

The reduction of body weight in the Transformation Programme is:

  • healthy
  • safe
  • with respect to your body
  • concious
  • with no yo-yo effect
  • combined with psychological support which you will receive from me and other people participating in the Programme.

An important element of the Transformation Programme is the introduction of a new, healthy nutrition culture in which the main place is taken by the SOUP. Why soup? Find out more: click: Why soup?

At this point you’re probably wondering: „Should I eat only soups for the rest of my life, to keep my weight down?” Of course not!

The Transformation Programme is devided into Stages to help you introduce new and positive habits. As a result you will lose unnecessary kilogrammes in a healthy and safe way, and at a pace appropriate to your body. Your stimulated metabolism will maintain your body weight, while you will be able to enjoy more than soups.

The Transformation Programme is not a revolution that is to take place in your life, but an evolution that is to make your life better in many aspects.

The Transformation Programme adapts to you and not the other way round: you will not find rigidly imposed dates, ready-made menus, or training plans. Instead, I offer you:

  • to work on your psyche: building self-acceptance, awareness, self-esteem, motivation, which will allow you to not only get started, but to persevere in the process of change,
  • introduction to a new nutritional culture, based largely on soups
  • gradual introduction of physical activity adapted to your abilities,
  • personal development: open yourself to new knowledge, flavors and … friends. In the Transformation Programme you are not alone!

But relax – not all at once!

We will reach the destination by taking small steps. The Transformation Programme is divided to stages, which will lead the way. They will help you to gradually introduce changes, making them permanent and effective, preparing you for taking next steps. The type, time and intensity of changes depend on you – your current lifestyle, health, abilities and needs, as well as your body’s response.

Transformation Programme Stages:

Stage 1 – Preparation

Stage 2 – Active weight reduction

Stage 3 – Stabilisation

Stage 4 – Weight maintenance

Stage 1 – Preparation

To set out on a journey … you have to make up your mind and take specific action: plan the route, pack the necessary things, prepare for any surprises along the way and refuel so that you can reach a specific ‚station’ and not just not just the gate.

This is what we do in the first stage – we prepare ourselves mentally and logistically.

You may wonder: How to start? Find out more: click How to start?

Stage 2 – Active weight reduction

At this stage, we gradually introduce new positive habits, such as:

  • Introducing soups into the menu and using them as a replacement of solid meals. You can do it gradually or immediately – the choice is yours.
  • Eating a portion of fruit everyday
  • Taking the right amount and quality of fluids
  • Listening to your body’s internal voice and preventing hunger
  • At least 5 mins long physical activity a day, such as a walk. You have to start somewhere 🙂

Stage 3 – Stabilisation

At this stage, we gradually introduce solid meals – thanks to soups, our metabolism is ready to deal with them. How does it happen?

Have you ever wondered why soup is first to be served at dinner? Its task is not only to satisfy hunger, but it also warms us up and stimulates digestion. This is what we do at an earlier stage by eating mainly soups. Thanks to this, at the 3rd stage our metabolism is stimulated, we have cleansed intestines, adequate hydration and acid-base balance. Our body knows that it can burn supplies, because we do not allow it to feel hunger.

That’s why at the 3rd stage we can lose weight, if that’s what needed.

Stage 4 – Weight maintenance


Weight maintenance is possible thanks to positive habits that we strenghten and apply in everyday life.

During the Transformation Programme, we develop respect for ourselves, self-awareness and mindfulness, we learn to listen to our body. It allows us to recognize the upcoming crises and prepare for them. Thanks to this, we know how to deal with temptation and what measures to implement when it will be necessary to support metabolism.

The Transformation Programme is not a theory, but a method that I developed based on my own experiences. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by hundreds of people who undertook it.

Learn about my story.

Learn about metamorphoses of the people slimming with my Programme.