The Transformation Program is a holistic program addressed to people who are overweight and obese, and who want to take care of themselves: their health, appearance and well-being in order to lead a satisfying life.


During the Transformation Programme you lose weight:

in a healthy and safe way, eating tasty and diverse soups, not having to give up all your favorite products but instead – eating them sensibly, The Transformation Programme excludes counting calories, hunger, backbreaking exercises and yo-yo effect.

How is it possible?

The Transformation Programme is not a diet, it is a lifestyle with a „side effect’ – weight loss.

It consists of introducing small but well thought-out positive changes that become habits. The changes concern all aspects of human life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Thanks to that…


The reduction of body weight in the Transformation Programme is:

  • healthy
  • safe
  • with respect to your body
  • concious
  • with no yo-yo effect
  • combined with psychological support which you will receive from me and other people participating in the Programme. Find out more: click Support

An important element of the Transformation Programme is the introduction of a new, healthy nutrition culture in which the main place is taken by the SOUP. Why soup? Find out more: click: Why soup?

At this point you’re probably wondering: „Should I eat only soups for the rest of my life, to keep my weight down?” Of course not!

The Transformation Programme is devided into Stages to help you introduce new and positive habits. As a result you will lose unnecessary kilogrammes in a healthy and safe way, and at a pace appropriate to your body. Your stimulated metabolism will maintain your body weight, while you will be able to enjoy more than soups. Find out more: click Stages.

without the yo-yo effect