„Where to begin?” is the most common question that I am asked in the context of the Transformation Programme.


The Transformation Programme is a holistic program of gradual changes in various aspects of human life. Thanks to those changes you will be able to enjoy healthy, safe and permanent loss of kilogrammes. I put a lot of emphasis on the psyche of slimming people. It’s down to the state of mind not only whether you start but also whether you persevere on the chosen path.

I am not a fan of spontaneous decisions and restrictive weight loss activities. Our body does not like rapid changes; they are the cause of defensive reactions. Our psyche also requires a change to „different tracks”. Excess kilos did not appear from day to day. They are the result of the lifestyle we led for many years  – what we did and what we thought about ourselves.

The Transformation Programme is a process. Making the decision to start also needs time.

It is a very important period – during this time you build your knowledge about the Transformation Programme, you check whether it is for you, you build your commitment and strengthen your decision to start slimming down. Your effort, interest and actions are your capital and investment in your future success.

Doubts and hesitations are natural. I will not try to persuade or convince you – you are the one who decides whether and how you want to change your life. It’s up to you whether you want to take matters into your own hands and succeed. You are doing it for yourself, nobody else.

Where to begin?

I suggest implementing the following steps:

1) Get involved – Explore the Transformation Programme  and check whether it is for you.

  • Read the information on this website, especially:
  • About me link
  • My story link
  • Transformation Programme link
  • Results link

2) Get inspired:

  • Find funpage Monika Honory – The Transformation Programme on Facebook, like it and preferably follow it. On there, I post information about the Transformation Programme and other news. I also regularly run live feeds, during which, I share my knowledge free of charge.
  • A closed group “Zupomania® – Monika Honory slimming” is connected with Facebook fanpage.  It is a place where we exchange experiences, inspire, motivate, support each other in difficult moments, and celebrate small and big successes. I invite you to join the group and follow it. When you’re ready – introduce yourself and start your own activity.
  • You can also find me on Instagram: niezla_zupa. Under this link you will find instructions on how to do it.

3) Prepare yourself (Stage 1 of the Transformation Programme)


  • Answer these questions: Why do I want to lose weight? What is my goal? For whom and why do I want to lose weight? What are the sources of my motivation? Believe me, arranging your goals and priorities in your head is crucial. The peace and conviction that comes with a well-aimed course of action is the force that will allow you not only to start but also persevere in the process of change, making it permanent.
  • My book “Preparing for weight loss,” can help you in your mental preparation. It is my diary, in which I described: how for many years I was unsuccessfully trying to lose weight, my experiences with various slimming diets and why I decided to lose weight on my own terms. It is also a textbook that will help you analyse your situation and build a strong, positive internal motivation.



  • Collect your basic knowledge and base recipes. At the beginning I recommend the following books:
    • “Effective Slimming with Soups by Monica Honory. Recipes, types and division of soups.” In this book you will find the most important substantive information about the Transformation Programme, a description of all stages, as well as 60 soup recipes and 7 recipes for soup additions.
    • „Life without the yo-yo effect – light cuisine by Monika Honory” – this book is a treasury of practical information. In it you will find tips on how to carry out your transformation step by step and what are the average costs of undertaking the Transformation. You will also find ”Zupomania’s toolbox” – answers to many questions for beginners and advanced practitioners. In this book there are 100 mouthwatering recipes – recipes for stocks and soup additions, soups as well as light dishes that are introduced from Stage 3. Yum 🙂


Prepare your kitchen:

  • Tidy up your kitchen cupboards, drawers and fridge. Organize the products in them. Get rid of those products that are unhealthy or that might tempt you.
  • Get the products which you will need for cooking: spices, dry food products, kitchen accessories, food and drinks containers for storage and for taking out.
  • Detailed information on how to get logistically ready and what to pay special  attention to at different stages, you will find in the book “Life without a yo-yo effect”.



  • Check your health before starting the Transformation Programme: consult your GP and do basic blood and urine tests. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, consult a specialist doctor.
  • You can read about the medical aspects of the Transformation Programme in the “Expert Opinions”.

4) Akt

  • Based on the principles of the Transformation Programme, develop your own plan of introducing changes and start implementing them
  • You might find the „Transformation Diary” to be a helpful tool – it is both: a manual containing useful knowledge, inspiration and motivation for each stage, as well as a diary in which you can monitor your progress, write reflections and recipes.
  • Plan a menu containing soups that are compatible with the Transformation Programme.
  • Recipes for soups divided by type, can be found in my books. In each book there are different recipes!
  • ”Filling but not fattening soups” (45 recipes)
  • “Zupomania® – a healthy way to lose weight with Monica Honory” (45 recipes)
  • “Life without yo-yo effect” (100 recipes – for soups and light solid dishes introduced in the 3rd stage)
  • “Effective slimming with soups by Monica Honory” (60 recipes + 7 recipes for soup additions)
  • Cook your first soup, and preferably 3: for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙂


You can find us on Facebook:

– Fanpage : Monika Honory – The Transformation Programme

On there I share my knowledge, inspirations, and motivations. I regularly run live feeds. Follow me to be up to date.

– Closed group: Zupomania® – Monika Honory slimming

It is a community of people participating in the Transformation Programme. It is full of kindness and support. It is a place where we exchange our knowledge and experiences, help each other in crisis and celebrate even the smallest successes. The group brings together acquaintanceships and friendships, which we strengthen during the Zupomania® Feasts.

You can find me on Instagram – the name of my profile is: niezla_zupa.
That is where I post new entries and update my Insta Story – short videos, thanks to which you will know what I am up to. If you don’t know how to use Instagram, read the step by step guide, prepared by Marta Kaczmarski – Instagram Instructor.

Zupomania® Feasts are three-day long integration meetings that take place twice a year. It’s our community’s fete; a time for us to meet in real life and get to know one another. It’s a very active time  filled with joy and fun but it is also a time for summaries and building plans for the future.

If you decide that you need individual support – a conversation with me in order to best adapt the Transformation Programme to your needs – do not hesitate to call me for telephone or personal consultations.
You can meet me in person and learn about my story and the Transformation Programme at the „Become your own friend” meetings, which take place in various cities in Poland.


In the Transformation Programme you are not alone 🙂