Why The Transformation Programme?

It is healthy and nutritious for the organism.

Our main character is the soup. Soups are cooked, semi-liquid, rich in nutrients and easily
absorbed by our body.

The Transformation Programme is for every budget.

It costs only as much as the ingredients, in addition it can be a meal for the whole family.

You learn to love yourself.

This is a holistic way of slimming, with emphasis on the psyche, support and motivation of an overweight person.

When obesity meets courage

In the majority of people who are affected by the problem of being overweight or obese, there
comes a moment of making the decision to lose weight.

The next step is to look for a “diet”. Usually, we want to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible. We set ourselves the goal: “I want to lose weight” without asking ourselves “how do I maintain this effect”? Time goes by and up to 80% of us are affected by the yo-yo effect. Discouraged by our failure, we try to reduce our weight again.

Get familliar with the Transformation Programme

Opinions about the Transformation Program

  • Inga Czechowicz
    I started the Transformation, weighing 95kg. In 6 months I’ve lost 25kg but the list of benefits is much much longer. Thanks to the Programme my life changed 100% - I am back to enjoying every single moment of it. I can not find words to express my gratitude.
    Inga Czechowicz
  • Monika Tatarczak
    After about a year of being on the Transformation Programme, my doctor decided to take me off the hypertension medicine. At the time I was taking four different types of hypertension drugs! Now my blood pressure is textbook perfect. My menstruation cycle, which before the Programme was irregular and varied from 2 to 3 months, stabilised, My skin and complexion improved, my nails became stronger. The depressive states that haunted me even at the beginning of the Programme, disappeared. All because everyday I was learning to love myself. I was learning to accept my body and to listen to it. I grew stronger and more confident. I started to believe in myself and my possibilities. This is just one of many reasons why I fell in love with the Transformation Programme. I let my body lose weight at its own pace, as it is not the kilogrammes that are the most important but a healthy lifestyle.
    Monika Tatarczak
  • Sylvia Wieczorek
    After 8 moths of conscientious soup-eating, the scales show -35kg. Apart from losing weight the Transformation Programme gave me much more. Anemia, I had been struggling with for two years, and which couldn’t be treated by any pills or iron supplements, disappeared after six months of eating soup based diet. My following test results were textbook perfect. Another problem I had, was acne. I struggled with it for 5 years and had spent a fortune on dermatologist visits, beauticians and various ointments. Nothing would work. However after 3 months of soup-eating the problem disappeared and now I can enjoy my healthy complexion. Another very important benefit of participating in the Programme is the lack of sleepiness or drowsiness during the day. I have a lot of energy and strength.
    Sylvia Wieczorek
  • Ewa Jeziorska
    I started my transformation on 7th March 2017. Since then, measuring 153cm, I have lost 23kg. I freed myself from sleepless nights, anxiety, fear of tomorrow, low self-esteem, and disgust with my obese body, etc. In exchange, together with a better figure, I gained more energy, optimism, smile on my face, and a sense of attractiveness, complemented by growing self-confidence. Thank you Monika!
    Ewa Jeziorska



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