Physical Activity

You probably have already heard these words several times „In order to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more”. Theoretically yes, but I know one thing: if it were so simple, the problem of obesity would not grow so fast. And it is growing …

In my obese past I have tried many times to lose weight by starting various training programs. Usually, however, my enthusiasm and strength lasted only for a few days. I’d get discouraged with the exercises being too difficult, my body not being ready for them, and by the following aches and pains. Trouble with executing the exercises would make me lose the desire to continue. Today, when I remember myself weighing over 100 kg, and jumping around like the lady on yet another DVD I had bought for myself, I simply feel sorry. I feel sorry that I tortured my body in that way. I jumped up and down and did exercises which – today I know – were not appropriate for a person with the excess kilos I had at the time.

Therefore, when I was building the Transformation Programme, I decided that physical activity, although extremely important, will be introduced only after 6-9 weeks. What is worth implementing from the very first days of Transformation, are frequent walks and swimming. In the following weeks we learn to expand our activity, but only with such exercises, that are dedicated to people who are overweight or suffering from obesity. I realised that it is not easy to find such exercises in a maze of programmes created for shapely and athletic people. That is why, physiotherapist and personal trainer Ilona Ozimek and myself, have created two DVDs.

On them, you can find exercises that can be performed by people who want to reduce their body weight. The exercises are specially designed, taking into account limited mobility and other possible constraints. They offer two levels: basic and intermediate. People who practice with my DVDs, choose which exercises suit them best and which they want to do.

It is important not to do anything by force. Instead, one should build the love for physical activity step by step. This approach allows you to slowly and safely prepare for more intensive exercises in the future. This way, you prime not only your body, but also your psyche. Instead of registering anger and pain, while performing difficult exercises, your mind remembers that physical activity – being tailored to the capabilities of overweight people – may be a pleasure and a source of satisfaction

And if some day, you find yourself being to lazy to go for a walk or a swimming, remember the words of Anna Jantar’s song:

„The first step is the hardest, once you take it, hundreds will follow. The first gesture is the hardest, the second one feels straightforward”

without the yo-yo effect